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Scottish National Prescription Chart Initiatives

Adult in-patient prescribing

The major objective of the Single Prescription and Administration Record for Scotland (SPARS) project is to develop and implement a standard hospital prescription chart for Scotland. Below you will be able to open the most recent version of the chart created by the SPARS group.

We would welcome feedback on any aspect of this chart. When considering your comments remember that the chart will be supported by a training and education package and, although currently unfamiliar to you, could potentially be familiar from the earliest day of undergraduate training. You should therefore concentrate on issues that would present practical or safety issues even if these supportive measures were in place. Please comment using the form provided.

Insulin prescribing

The Insulin Prescription and Administration Record (IPAR) project is developing a national prescription chart for insulin under the supervision of the Scottish Diabetes Group. Five sites in Scotland will host initial testing of the IPAR chart in late summer and autumn 2013.

For more information on the IPAR project, please contact Debbie Voigt at