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Welcome to the home page of the Single Prescription and Administration Record for Scotland (SPARS) project.

The SPARS Working Group was convened by the President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh with the overall objective of enhancing patient safety in relation to prescribed medicines. The SPARS project is being supported by Healthcare Improvement Scotland and NHS Education Scotland. The main aims of the project are:

  • To develop consensus amongst relevant stakeholders within Scotland around the attributes of an ideal prescription and administration record for adult hospital in-patients drawing on national and international examples of best practice
  • To undertake a survey of current in-patient documentation looking for concordance with the standards identified above and significant variations that might cause confusion
  • To create an example of such a chart that might be adopted as a Scottish national prescription and administration record
  • To seek to develop an education package that would support good practice in prescribing
  • To form links with other groups in Scotland and elsewhere who are undertaking similar work

This website enables you to understand the background to the SPARS project, see who is involved, review some of the documentation that is currently used in Scotland, comment on draft documentation that is being developed, see some of the research work that has been undertaken so far and get in contact with the SPARS Group.

Get involved

The SPARS Group is pleased to hear from anyone who wishes to contribute to the project, comment on its outputs or get involved in the debate around unified prescribing documentation.

To comment or get further information on the SPARS project, please contact Sara Collier at