Douglas, John Campbell

To be filled in by, or on behalf of, Practitioner on


Reference Number: 
SMC/3/4/1/3 5:6
Name of Practitioner (Surname): 
Christian Names in Full: 
John Campbell
Rank in Army (or Navy): 
On his way to Tamworth, N S Wales, Australia to take charge of his son's practice, Dr Thomans S Douglas while he goes to the front
The above-mentioned Practitioner is on Service as stated
Additional Information: 
Signed Jenny F S Douglas


1. Where a Practitioner holds a Commission, but is still at home, this
Intimation Form should be filled in by the Practitioner himself.

2. Where a Practitioner is absent from home on Service, this Intimation Form
should be filled in by some person on his behalf.


To be returned to

The Secretary,

Scottish Medical Service Emergency Committee,

Royal College of Physicians,